Room insulation

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Why insulate anyway?

People’s basic needs include comfort, warmth and peace. The problems involving the greenhouse effect, CO2 emissions and global warming highlight the importance of good insulation in building construction.
Soaring heating costs, rising CO2 emissions, regulations for insulation: energy saving has become, rightly, an important topic. As house owner you will have to undertake renovations or repairs sooner or later - an ideal moment to think about "green" refurbishments as well.

Even the government has identified the necessity and has put in place insulation incentives. The government rewards those who participate.

Properly insulated floors, walls and pipes offer many benefits: you save money, protect the environment and increase the value of your property.
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Our products offer thermal and acoustic insulation for a variety of application fields:

  • Pipes
  • Solar equipment
  • Floors
  • Walls

Thanks to the solid workmanship and the premium product features you get real professional help with the indoor insulation solutions of NMC. On our application pages you can find solutions for any situation.

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