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A vast variety of mouldings, ceiling medallions, columns and pilasters combining style and hi-tech design.
A professional range which meets the strictest quality standards. ARSTYLŪ mouldings and ceiling medallions can be given a finishing coat without any surface preparation! ARSTYLŪ mouldings can be aligned perfectly thanks to their exclusive attachment system. ARSTYLŪ chair-rails enable you to grace your walls and ceilings. With ARSTYLŪ micro mouldings, you can unlock your imagination: walls, ceilings, doors and furniture can be transformed to your own taste. Curves and rounded walls can now be decorated using ARSTYLŪ FLEX, mouldings which are compatible with the corresponding traditional ARSTYLŪ mouldings. We also offer columns and half-columns, smooth or fluted, which can be combined with a base and various capitals. These decorative items help to brighten up your interior.
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NEW ARSTYLŪ mouldings & ceiling medallions
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