Sofinim (Groupe Ackermans & Van Haaren) vend sa participation dans NMC

Lors de l’assemblée générale extraordinaire de ce 30 juin 2014, NMC a décidé de racheter jusqu’à
27.500 actions NMC afin de procéder à une réduction du capital social via destruction immédiate
des actions propres rachetées suite à cette offre.

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Warehouse destroyed by fire in Eynatten

Early Tuesday morning at around 2:00 o’clock, a fire broke out at the site of NMC at Eynatten.

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Video: NMC at Batibouw 2014

Watch our new video of Batibouw 2014:


Bien moulées

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NMC qui roule amasse la mousse…

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La société belge NMC ouvre une nouvelle usine au Brésil

Le groupe NMC, entreprise internationale et leader dans le domaine du développement, de la production et
de la commercialisation de mousses, poursuit sa stratégie d’expansion géographique en ouvrant une
nouvelle usine au Brésil. L’inauguration officielle aura lieu le mardi 1er octobre 2013.

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NMC announces acquisition of Sundquist Components AB

The NMC group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Sundquist Components AB by its Swedish entity NMC Cellfoam AB. With this transaction that took place retroactively on July 1st, 2013, NMC acquired all shares from the present owner AXIndustries AB.

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NMC announces acquisition of Sundquist Components AB

SGO Schüler besuchen NMC

Im Rahmen eines Schulprojektes hatten die Schüler des 1. und 2. Schuljahres der Städtischen Grundschule Oberstadt Eupen die Möglichkeit, das NMC Werk in Eynatten zu besichtigen.
Begleitet von Yves Noël konnten die Schüler NMC Produkte nicht nur durch spielerische Experimente kennenlernen sondern auch testen.
Voller Begeisterung und mit neuem Wissen blicken sie auf diesen Ausflug zurück.


NOMA® Parkett SILVER RAPID Trittschall-Faltplatte: getestet mit Auszeichnung!

In der Juni-Ausgabe des Heimwerkermagazins "Selbst ist der Mann" wurden die NMC NOMA® Parkett SILVER RAPID Trittschallplatten getestet. Dabei legten die Tester das Hauptaugenmerk auf heimwerkerfreundliche Verlegung, gutes Handling und Produktqualität.

Das Testergebnis kann sich zeigen lassen: "Selbst ist der Mann" vergab mit 5 von 5 Hammer die volle Punktzahl für die Trittschall-Faltplatte NOMA® Parkett SILVER RAPID.

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Innovation Award ULB 2012

NMC is amongst the 25 innovative companies of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and the German speaking Community of Belgium, which have been nominated by the “Schumpeter Group” of the Free University of Brussels (U.L.B.).
The trophy was handed over to NMC on June 7th, 2012 at the “Palais des Académies” in Brussels.


NMC presents NMC NATUREFOAM™, the first certified polyolefin biofoam from renewable raw materials and 100% recyclable

At the international trade fair for the plastic processing industries FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen in October, 2011 NMC presented the first polyolefin biofoam tested by the international Institute Vinçotte and certified with a star: NMC NATUREFOAM™ – this certified foam is the first in Europe, which is made to a large extent from renewable raw materials and is fully recyclable.
An application for a patent has already been filed for NMC NATUREFOAM™, and in the coming year (2012), NMC will bring on the market a product line in packaging with this new material, beginning with the NOMAPACK® GREEN packing profiles.
With NMC NATUREFOAM™, NMC underscores its commitment to sustainable product development in foam extrusion. As one of the leading companies in this field, NMC has been doing pioneering work for over 20 years. It refrained from using CFCs and HCFCs to make its products early on, thereby playing a pioneering role in the plastic foam sector. The selection of materials as well as the ecological production processes have been constantly improved over time, so that a large portion of the overall product range can today be recycled.
The vision of sustainable product development and production, forged by the founder of the company, Gert Noël, now deceased, has been a strong influence on the group from the outset.
With the new unveiled product, NMC is once again asserting its commitment to sustainable development more than ever before.